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The esports phenomenon is taking the world by storm. In the Twin Cities alone, dozens of esports leagues and clubs get together to hone their skills in preparation for battle on the big screen. Sadly, they have no facility exclusively suited for such intense training.

Enter: GameBox Café

With state-of-the art equipment, specially configured gaming stations and ultra-modern facilities, we bring you the esports hot spot in Minnesota.

Phase 1: E-sports and LAN gaming arena

We at GameBox Café are committed to bringing you the most immersive experience possible — because if it doesn’t feel real, what’s the point?

Enter the digital world fully with lightning-speed Internet, high-end graphics and surround-sound audio in an arena-style environment. The immersive power of the gaming station features:

  • 30 arena-style gaming stations
  • HD gaming monitors with lightning-speed refresh rates
  • 4K displays to stream real-time game progress, scores and battlefield maps
  • High-quality gaming keyboards, headsets and console controllers (PS4 and Xbox One)
  • High-speed, commercial-grade broadband Internet access

The gaming arena itself boasts a 2,000 square-foot facility that is:

  • Perfect for hosting tournaments and club or league practices
  • Open late for hard-care esports and retro-style LAN gamers alike
  • Comfy and inviting, with a viewing area and couches
  • Stocked with a full snack bar
  • Able to accommodate both small and large groups

Planned Opening: 2020

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Phase 2: Internet Café and Co-Working Space

Includes Internet Café with Internet stations, co-working stations, full-service café, merchandise area and board game area.

Phase 3: Event/Party Center

Includes event center to accommodate up to 100 people for parties, events, business meetings and more. Amenities will include a big-screen premium sound system with microphone and projector, a judges’ table for tournaments, and large tables perfect for your private LAN gaming event, team-building exercise or birthday party.

3.1 (1)

Experience the GameBox Café Difference

Esports and LAN gaming is spreading like wildfire in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Imagine how much more competitive our local gaming community could be if we joined forces at a centralized battle headquarters.

Whether you’re a hard-core esports team member or a video game enthusiast looking for a unique and fun activity, this offers the perfect place to play.

GameBox Café is poised to provide the ultimate in gaming power and entertainment, but we need your help to make this dream a reality. This is our chance to build something epic that all gamers in Minnesota can call their own.

Are you ready to join the fight? We are launching soon on Indiegogo.
Embrace yourself for the most immersive esports experience in Minnesota!

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