Whether you’re hosting a tournament, joining a league or battling your friends in an epic struggle to the death, we’ve got the game for you. Don’t see your game here? Let us know, and we just might add it to our ever-growing arsenal.

Free Games

Online game for all platforms - Epic Games

FPS online game - Origin

Multiplayer third person game - Steam

A free multiplayer FPS game for most platforms

A FPS game for PC


FPS game for all platforms there is many games (PTP) - Steam

Third person online survival

FPS (PTP) - Blizzard Website

Basically Fortnite but more realistic - Steam


Zombie FP game - steam

FPS game kinda like HALO - Origin

FPS game based on a Tom Clancy Novel - Steam

FPS / Open world game where you roam the streets making havoc or peace - Steam

More Free Games

Cooperative third person shooter

Fortnite rip off but still fun and different guns - Steam

Third person (I think) MMOG arena game - There own site

Third person arena game (account needed) - Blizzard

Third person RPG-There site-

Epic FPS game like halo-epic games

WW2 shooter - Steam

Like war thunder but with tanks-steam

Like Fortnite mixed with Overwatch - Steam

MMO apocalyptic game - Steam

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